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Be a part of the change in your community, join us at an event online or near you.

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THE SENATE: The Room Where it (Really) Happens

Thursday, May 5, 2022
7pm | Online

While the House of Reps is increasingly a theatrical stage for mock outrage and posturing, the Senate is a much more sober arena, where the real work gets done, often with bipartisan support for bills that make a difference – from gay marriage to the NDIS.

Jane Caro has marshalled a crack team to explain and discuss the influence of the Senate in shaping legislation that impacts every aspect of government policy. How much room is there for backroom negotiation to avoid parliamentary gridlock? Who are the key players in the Senate who wield real power? What should newcomers be aware of? What could an independent cross-bench hope to achieve?

This is an unmissable briefing if you want to be as informed as possible ahead of pre-polling. 

For a progressive Senate robust enough to make the right decisions about climate change, Medicare, the ABC, public education, and the things you care about, you cannot afford to miss this event.


  • Host – Dr Scott Burchill – Honorary Fellow at Deakin University
  • Senator Rex Patrick – SA Senator
  • Jane Caro – Senate Candidate for NSW
  • Susan Benedyka – Senate Candidate for Vic
  • David Pocock – Senate Candidate for the ACT
  • Leanne Minshall – Senate Candidate for Tasmania

Watch the full session below. 


Wednesday, April 13, 2022
7pm – 8pm | Webinar

Leaders in climate action speak about the critically important role of community action and how you can help be part of positive change.

Watch the full session featuring Professor Kate Auty, Professor David Karoly and Susan Benedyka with messages from Professor Tim Flannery and Dr Helen Haines.

The Biggest Little Farm

Friday, April 8, 2022
7.30pm | Reardon Theatre, 35 Bank St, Port Fairy, Victoria

Come along and enjoy a night at the Reardon Theatre to watch a wonderfully inspiring film about change, growth, resilience and generosity.

Attending this event will be Susan Benedyka, Independent Senate Candidate for Victoria and our local Independent Candidate for Wannon, Alex Dyson.

This will be a relaxed and informal evening to watch a beautiful film, and have the opportunity to meet Susan and Alex, hear why they are running as independent candidates in the next federal election, and importantly for them, to hear what matters most to you and your community.

There will be chocolate treats and other ‘giveaways’ for everyone on the night – hope to see you there!

S5 | Kitchen Table Conversations

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
6pm | Online via Zoom

Join us for an overview of the Kitchen Table Conversations and learn how you can host an event in your area with a small group of friends and family.  We explain the process and the guide which gives you the tools to reflect on what is important to you, and ensure your voices are heard in my campaign.

I encourage you to invite a diverse group of people to participate in your conversation. The key to the success of these conversations is that all views are offered with respect.

I have seen the power of Kitchen Table Conversations in grassroots election campaigns. I know it is a huge challenge to capture views from across Victoria, and I can’t wait to hear about conversations across our beautiful state.


23 March 2022 – 4 April 2022 | Online

Over the next few weeks Susan will be running a series of online Kitchen Table Conversations to hear about matters that are important to you and your community.

Susan has seen the power of people getting together to respectfully discuss complex issues and values. Susan is genuinely interested in the varying views of people around Victoria. The more people Susan hears from the better her ability to represent the views of you and your community.

Democracy in Conversation

Friday 3 December, 2021
7pm – 8.30pm | In person

YES Voices invites you to their inaugural event ‘Democracy in Conversation‘ with Susan Benedyka, Independent Senate Candidate for Victoria

Venue: Blue Hills – Upwey Seniors Community Centre
1/6 Mahony Road, Upwey

S4 | Creating Change – calling all volunteers and supporters!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021
7pm | Online via Zoom

Susan’s campaign for the Senate will be like no other campaign and we are going to need an amazing team of people like you to help us get the job done!

We are building a community of supporters and volunteers who are willing and able to work together and use their unique skills and experience to provide additional support, spread the word, and ultimately help get Susan into the Senate.

Join fellow volunteers and supporters for this interactive session where we cover:

  • Susan’s Senate campaign values, behaviour and principles
  • Campaign overview – who, what, when including targets and critical dates
  • Understanding of driving forces and restraining forces to create the desired change (AHUYS)
  • Volunteer roles, and how to get engaged
  • Next steps

As the great Maya Angelou says, “What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing, is change it.’   Let’s be the change that makes a difference!

S3 | Meet the independent thinkers who’ll hold government to account

Tuesday, October 26, 2021
7pm | Online via Zoom

Join independent Senate candidates, Susan Benedyka for Victoria and Professor Kim Rubenstein for Canberra, with special guest interviewer Jane Caro AM, to discuss responsible government, representative democracy and the Senate.

We’re living in a time when voters are increasingly disengaging from politics and where integrity and trust in politicians and the political process is waning. Many of us are angry about the decisions being made – or not being made – by those we elect to represent us.

We’re where we are because our country’s social change is not being matched by political progress. Our government’s response to climate change shows this. The intentional inaction on an effective National Integrity Commission reinforces this.

We need to restore honesty and integrity in politics. They’re vital to a healthy democracy and key to ensuring an engaged public. We need to have complete trust in what our politicians are saying and doing on our behalf.

If we want politics we can trust, if we want action on the big social issues of our time, then we need people like Susan and Kim in our Senate.

Watch the full session with Independent candidates, Susan Benedyka for Victoria and Professor Kim Rubenstein for Canberra, with special guest interviewer Jane Caro AM.

S2 | Making Senate Votes Count – how the numbers work

Tuesday, October 12, 2021
7pm | Online via Zoom

Do you know how Senate voting and Senate preferences work? What does an Independent need to do to become competitive in the Senate election? 

Join this fascinating discussion with Tony Perrott and Matt Dening who will explain how your vote works in the Senate and how you can make it count.

Didn’t make it to the session?  

Don’t worry you can check out Tony Perrott’s presentation on ‘how the numbers work’ and the poll results on participants level of knowledge about Senate voting pre- and post-session. 

Watch the full session with Susan Benedyka in conversation with Tony Perrott and Matt Dening here.

S1 | Why vote for an Independent in the Senate?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
7pm | Online via Zoom

Join Susan in conversation with former Independent Member for Indi Cathy McGowan AO, as they explore the questions ‘why independents?’, ‘why now?’ and ‘what difference can they make?’

In more than 40 ‘safe’ federal electorates across Australia, grassroots groups are campaigning to get independent candidates elected at the next election. But what about in the Senate?