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See how our campaign has been making news so far:

Wangaratta Chronicle: Benedyka: holding back the tide is holding back Victoria

Excerpt taken from the article: Climate-strong Independent Victorian Senate candidate Susan Benedyka is urging the Nationals to finally do what is best for Victoria and sign up to net zero
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The Age: Independents Day Push To Attract Community Candidates to the People’s House

Excerpt taken from the article: While Benedyka – a 63-year-old regional development consultant from outside Wangaratta – is the first of the group to formally declare her hand, she expects
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The Chronicle: Susan is Setting Her Sights on Senate Seat

Excerpt taken from the article: “Local leader and business-woman Susan Benedyka has announced her tilt for a Victorian Senate seat following the first National Convention of Community-minded Independents last week.
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The Border Mail: Interest in Independents Only Convention Overwhelming

Excerpt taken from the article:
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