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My Pledge

I pledge…

TO always speak the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.

TO never be beholden to corporate or financial ownership.

TO find my voice and enable others to find theirs.

TO enable other people to have a vision and achieve it.

TO demonstrate that we do not have to put up with the current state of politics.

TO build workable relationships across all of Parliament.

TO act without partisan preference in order to get things done for Australia. 

TO think beyond my time in Parliament when making decisions.

TO incite change and make a lasting difference.

Get Involved

I am running as an Independent candidate, but getting elected requires a team effort!

Be part of the movement for change. Get involved, get your friends involved. Take action – in your own location or across the state.

Your donation will help my campaign reach more people in every part of Victoria so that I can better represent you and the issues that matter to your community.