The Executive Connection is a worldwide network of over 23,000 members across 20 countries, and Albury Wodonga is now a part of this network.

 I am the Chair of the new Albury Wodonga CEO peer mentoring group called The Executive Connection (TEC) is only the second TEC group to be established in a regional area in Australia – the first one is in Tamworth.  There are over 60 groups in Australia.  

TEC is the largest global peer mentoring organisation for CEO’s/GM’s/Business Owners connecting successful CEO’s from a wide range of industry sectors, with the common goal of increased business and personal success through a unique model of peer-based learning, coaching and mentoring. The TEC process is underpinned by a decision model, significantly, not the way the decisions are made but the decisions the CEO’s have to make. TEC takes CEO’s from relying on their instinct and judgement to providing perspectives from other CEO’s and Business Owners facing similar challenges but in dissimilar environments.

Below is a current article on the back of International Women’s Day to communicate the wonderful opportunity that TEC offers to women in business in the local region .

Opportunity to tackle business challenges and support others

 International Women’s Day came and went in the blink of an eye. Such a timely reminder of the need to continue working towards a more diverse and gender-balanced world.  And, a positive call to action for all of us in championing women’s greater roles in everyday life.

In Albury Wodonga, there are hundreds of women who lead successful businesses. They are CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. They are also women who are juggling pressures between home and business life, and who often feel guilty about championing their own personal and professional development.  


Sound familiar? Well you’re not alone. After 20 years of being a Managing Director in my own business, I’ve spoken to countless formidable and ambitious women who continue to face these challenges. They struggle with the desire to be more effective, and yet often don’t dedicate the time to work on their effectiveness.

For many women, the key to overcoming personal and professional obstacles is to find safe environments to seek perspective, improve judgement, stretch learning and business goals, and increase accountability. Growth comes through both challenge and support, and learning from others is one of the best ways to grow. Leaders are able to define their story and objectives, champion their presence, and extend their influence to inspire and support others.


Recently, I became a Chair of The Executive Connection, the world’s leading CEO network, and have established a group in the Albury Wodonga region. We create a confidential and trusted environment where peer connection and mentoring are an avenue for development and TEC is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of business owners and CEOs.


It is so wonderful to be able to offer the TEC program in our region.  Great businesses are already members of the group, and there are spaces for more. 

This a real opportunity to enable your business to thrive, so take that step towards seeking peer-to-peer insights and opinions; and to inform and optimise decision making for your business and yourself.  

Contact me to find out more, and explore if this is right for your business.


 Susan Benedyka 

TEC 402 Albury Wodonga
Regional Chair 

m: 0417 449 636