In the next 10 years, I want to make the greatest positive impact possible and leave a legacy.

It’s amazing how the Universe sends the right connections, nudges you in the right path, and gently (sometimes not so gently!) guides you to the next stopover on this journey of life.

Thought Leaders was a course I’d been thinking about for 12 months before taking the leap – and so glad I have found this wonderful way of working and organising my life ‘On Purpose’!

Since joining in August 2016, it’s been a steep learning curve, and immersing myself in the thinking and finding my tribe. You can find more about it here and learn why more people are signing up to this fantastic course.

It’s a must for anyone wanting to stretch themselves and expand their service while living and working ‘On Purpose’. The environment is sharing, caring and nurturing and focuses on becoming financially independent in a genuine and authentic way, using existing skills, talents and knowledge, as well as developing specialist knowledge to share.

It will lead me to making the greatest impact I can in rural and regional communities, and doors are already opening and allowing me to take my work to a whole new level and audience.