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Be Represented


I am ready to listen to the voices of Victoria, ready to be your independent advocate on the issues that matter, and ready to deliver positive change for all Australians.

How to Vote

Cartoons help fly the Independent flag

I am delighted to present cartoons by writer, illustrator and cartoonist Megan Herbert ( Megan’s cartoons have been featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers, as well as a variety of other mediums.  I’m so grateful to have such a talented illustrator flying the flag for my campaign.


I will bring community-minded, values-centred representation on the issues that matter to Victoria and our nation, with a focus on four key policy areas: climate action, an independent integrity commission, making Australia a fairer place to live and work, and building national resilience. I will listen to the community to find out what issues matter to you. 

About Susan

I’m drawing upon my decades of experience in business and community leadership, facilitation and mentoring to be a force for good in the Senate.


About Christine

Christine Richards is standing to support someone she regards as an excellent candidate — Susan Benedyka. Christine is not going to get enough votes to win. But by standing, she hopes to increase the chances of Susan Benedyka to be elected as a Victorian Senator in a system biased against independent voices.

Get Involved

I am running as an Independent candidate, but getting elected requires a team effort!

Be part of the movement for change. Get involved, get your friends involved. Take action – in your own location or across the state.

Your donation will help my campaign reach more people in every part of Victoria so that I can better represent you and the issues that matter to your community.

Donations of up to $1,500 from individual donors are now tax-deductible.  To make a bank-deposit donation, please contact me here:

Susan Benedyka (like all political candidates) is not allowed to receive donations of more than $100 from a foreign donor. By completing this form, you confirm that you are not a foreign donor. Donations of more than $14,500 need to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission. As a matter of policy and transparency we are publicly declaring all donations above $2,000.  You are donating to Susan Benedyka’s Federal election campaign, which is being managed by Susan Benedyka Independent Senate Candidate.

Latest News & Events

The Senate: The Room Where It (Really) Happens

Jane Caro has marshalled a crack team to explain and discuss the influence of the Senate in shaping legislation that impacts every aspect of government policy.  This is an unmissable briefing if you want to be as informed as possible ahead of pre-polling. 

Our Community Power webinar

Leaders in climate action speak about the critically important role of community action and how you can help be part of positive change.

Watch the full session featuring Professor Kate Auty, Professor David Karoly and Susan Benedyka with messages from Professor Tim Flannery and Dr Helen Haines.