“Did you know that I developed a 50 year plan before my 50th birthday?

I have a plan to live fully, year by year, decade by decade, for the rest of my life. It helps me achieve wonderful things, all of them blessings, including a challenging and rewarding journey, reaching success in business, becoming a ‘wise woman’ and finding purpose and meaning”.

“Living life ‘On Purpose’ is rewarding, calming and meaningful. The trick is keeping the lightest possible touch on the reins of your life, like an expert horse rider, to keep your life going in the right direction. Let go of the reins and the horses will keep running, but you won’t be guiding them. Life is no different!”

“In line with my purpose and service, I want to share my gifts to help even more people make great life choices, find their passion, and live ‘On Purpose’. This is an active, hands-on day, designed to show you how to learn from what has served you best in the past, and use your life lessons to serve you better in the future.

We will go through each step to Plan Your Life, or develop a Plan for 365 days of the year. You will walk out of the room with a clear plan: written vision and purpose, simple achievable steps to achieve your goals, and ways to know that you are on track (which will help you celebrate your achievements throughout the year!). You will develop an understanding of what helps achieve your goals and what gets in the way. Importantly, this is about what matters to you.”

“2016 was the first year in nearly 20 that I did not map out a plan. And I can’t help but think there’s no coincidence that I had a very bumpy and challenging year. I’m grateful this forced me to realign living my life ‘On Purpose’, which has led to major changes in my business and in the work I will do for the next decade.”

“I know you want to have a plan but time gets in the way, and you may not know where to start.

Plan in a Day – Life ‘On Purpose’ is perfect for you, and will help you get rid of uncertainty, doubt and insecurity and bring inspiration, clarity, and structure to 2020 and beyond. You’re welcome to join me and other like-minded people who want the ability to create a positive life, full of meaning and contentment.

2022 Plan in a Day – Life ‘On Purpose’ Workshops

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