3 April, 2021

The Age, Editorial – Independents’ day: Push to attract community candidates to the people’s house


28 February, 2021

Susan Benedyka will run as an Independent candidate for the senate at the next Federal Election.

Ms Benedyka announced her candidacy at the Getting Elected – The First National Convention for Community-Minded Independents on Sunday 28 February.

Having been inspired by the success of recent Independent victories across Australia, including her own electorate of Indi, Ms Benedyka said now is the time for her to stand up.

“I am running for the Senate to take action to address climate change, to ensure our economy delivers for everyone, there is transparency in our government, and our national resilience becomes stronger,” she said. We can serve our current generation without compromising future generations in how we plan and make the changes needed to benefit all our communities.”

Ms Benedyka’s experience of more than 30 years working in community and economic development across Australia, on major projects in rural, regional and metropolitan areas, has shown her that there is an effective way to develop solutions to issues facing governments at all levels.

“I know the collaborative approach to creating long-lasting, positive change works,” she said. “I have been driven throughout my working life to enable people to have a vision and achieve it.”

On a personal level, Ms Benedyka is extremely encouraged by the rise of quality, community-minded Independents nationally, and a desire among much of the population for a better standard in our national Parliament.

“I believe in living my values, being authentic and making a difference,” she said.