“My life is about helping shape people and communities. What I do is directly related to things I’ve learnt through knocks and challenges, and seeing the opportunities that arise in those situations.”

Turning 50 is a time when most people look towards retirement. For me I decided to write a 50-year plan! In mapping out the second half of my life — year-by-year, decade-by-decade — I plotted a challenging and rewarding journey, success in business and continually discovering purpose and meaning in every day. That was 10 years ago, and while everything hasn’t gone exactly according to plan, I am blessed for what has unfolded. It has given me a deep sense of appreciation and acceptance of what I am meant to be doing from this point in my life onwards.

How do I want to be seen, known and admired in my 60s and onwards? Of all the descriptors “A wise woman” sums it up best. It’s a phrase full of humility, kindness, strength, resilience, self-worth, confidence, assurance, experience, and of course, wisdom.

A major part of this next decade will be helping others discover the best way forward to achieve success after identifying what’s getting in the way – essentially how to ‘Get it, Get Over It, Get On With it’. It’s about leading people to discover that with the right Universal tools they can identify opportunity in every life turning point or crisis, make a positive intention, and take action to get results.

I understand how uncertainty, doubt, and insecurity limit your life. But I’m here to tell you Universal truths work and deliver. You can shape the world you want and live ‘On Purpose’!

I’ve experienced the challenges of mental ill-health, single parenthood, an intense career, a near-death experience and an abusive and controlling relationship. These have made me the person I have become. I truly believe that we are the sum total of life’s experiences, and more importantly, what we make of those experiences. The challenges and trials have made me passionate to create and lead positive change for people, boards, organisations and communities.

I believe every journey is paved with lessons to be embraced for the growth it provides – the trick is to find the lessons and turn them into benefits. I have no doubt that my future is about having the greatest positive impact on the greatest number of people.


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